Where to Buy Over the Counter Adderall Substitutes

Buying over the counter medicine and a prescription medicine has a lot of difference, and this makes buying OTC medicines a popular choice among people. There are various reasons, why you would like to get a medicine in its’ OTC form.

Reasons to opt for OTC medicines

  • Visiting a doctor can be quite costly at times, and you may not afford so all the time.
  • It’s not legal to buy and take prescription medicines; hence chemists will refuse to sell you.
  • Buying over the counter products will help you get any alternative of a prescription medicine by doing a little research and gaining a little knowledge about the medicine.
  • OTC medicines can be bought both offline from a retail store, and also from any online drug store.

Because of all these advantages people are inclined towards the usage of OTC medicines which will give them the ease of buying, and ease of use without restrictions.

Adderall is one such medicine which is questioned a lot. It’s extremely effective, and a nice formulation to help the ADHD patients get a good life. Besides, the medicine has other side benefits like weight reduction benefits, energy boosting effects and more. Because of these reasons, the medicine is highly preferred by the people, who use it. But, people do not buy and use it for ADHD treatment only. It’s favored a lot for its other benefits and there are lots of people who would blindly admit that it’s a great formulation and a great energy supplement, power and focus enhancer and fat burner. However the sad news is that it’s a prescription medicine, and you can only and only buy it when you have a prescription for it. No chemist will sell you the drug without a prescription, and that is why the requirement for OTC alternatives to the drug arises.Where to Buy Over the Counter Adderall Substitutes

People who know the powerful effects of the drug are constantly on a search of the OTC alternatives to it, and thankfully there are a good number of reliable alternatives too, which are made of natural products and are thus acclaimed herbal formulations. The only thing you need to know about them is how to get them and where to buy over the counter Adderall substitutes. Once you know that, getting the beneficial effects of Adderall through its suitable OTC substitutes will not be any more problem.

Online purchase of the OTC substitutes of Adderall

The safest and most convenient way to get the substitutes is to get them online. The online market places for drug are quite reliable, and there are great online stores that sell high quality and totally authentic drugs with real invoices and you will get timely delivery from them too. You won’t be asked for a prescription, and you won‘t be asked for permissions too. You will simple have to search your drug by the composition or the generic name, and then you can select the strips or bottles in quantity, and buy them instantly using a variety of payment modes.

Never will you be bothered by law and restrictions, and nobody will ever question you for buying the Adderall OTC substitutes online. It’s completely legal and completely okay to buy the OTC alternatives this way so that you may take advantage of the beneficial supplements.

Whether to Trust Non-Prescription Stimulants For ADHD

Dealing with ADD and ADHD can be extremely challenging, not only for the family and friends of those affected, but also for the individuals themselves. While there are many prescription drugs on the market that are effective, more people are seeking holistic, natural herbs, and non-prescription stimulants for ADHD approaches. The public is beginning to realize the benefits of allowing the human body to utilize nature’s provisions to heal itself. While these supplements are not to be considered as replacements for prescription medications, they offer an all-natural, affordable boost that is easily obtainable without a prescription, for added benefits.

One such product currently on the market is Addrena. While prescription drugs such as Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse are most commonly prescribed for ADD and ADHD patients to control hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and help with focusing and memory, other uses for Adderall are being introduced. Addrena offers a complementary, natural stimulant with many of the same benefits, as well as some added value.


Addrena has been shown to be a very effective strong herbal supplement in many areas, such as brain boosting, an appetite suppressant, and thermogenesis. College students are constantly seeking ways to help improve their cognitive powers and scholastic aptitude, athletes seek to achieve an edge on performance, and many individuals seek a non-prescription aid for weight-loss. Addrena can be very valuable and effectual in all these areas, and far more affordable than its prescription counterparts.

Regarding the use of Addrena for weight loss, it contains a chemical, Synephrine, which is “an alkaloid, occurring naturally in some plants and animals,” according to Wikipedia, and has shown to be effective in boosting thermogenesis, which is “a process that increases body temperature[,] which helps enable fat loss,” according to addrena.com.

In combination with Addrena, it is recommended that people maintain healthy eating habits, boost their intake of vitamin B, which is contained in natural foods such as fish, meat, and eggs, as well as their intake of vitamin D. Deficiencies in these areas have been attributed to some of the issues people with ADD & ADHD may experience; Addrena contains these vitamins and more, such as choline, which is shown to affect mood, memory, and intelligence.

Whether to trust non-prescription stimulants for ADHD, or not, is a personal choice. As with any other medication, the intake of supplements should be monitored and taken in the recommended dosages. Consulting with a medical professional may be beneficial as well.

The telltale signs of ADHD in children and adults

ADHD will have different signs and symptoms in adults and children, but they will be still related. The problem revolves around attention deficit, and thus the symptoms also highly reflect the main problem. Due to lack in attention to a job, situation, person or instructions, and the inability to focus, they face the problem, and are treated as the victims of ADHD.

Both in case of adults and children, there are some telltale signs of ADHD, and if you are able to read the signs on time, you will be able to arrange for faster help and treatment for the individual. ADHD is a big problem, not just for the individual who simply cannot understand what’s wrong and can’t even express; but it’s a problem for the family members of the person too, who remains equally bothered because of the different and strange behavioral disorder of the affected.

Signs in children


The signs and ADHD behaviors in case of children are like:

  • Inability to focus on a thing
  • Repeatedly doing careless mistakes in spite of constant warnings and /or trainings
  • Blurting out something which is not right at the situation
  • Extremely restless behavior and intermittent fidgeting
  • Talking excessively

If you see that your child is showing most or all of these symptoms, then you can instantly contact an ADHD counselor, expert or a doctor about the issues to get the problem detected, and then start treatment if necessary.

ADHD signs in adults

The telltale signs of ADHD in adults are more elaborate and can be noticed with a little observation. Even you being a patient can notice the problems within you, if you pay a little attention to your working, success and failures and pattern of daily living.

The signs are like:

  • Constant or intermittent fidgeting
  • Thoughts racing through the brain at times
  • Making strange noises or being noisy at work
  • Inability to concentrate on a thing, job, details or instructions
  • Inability to complete projects
  • Often failing to complete assigned task due to missed deadlines and difficulty concentrating
  • Missing appointments, meetings, important jobs etc
  • Committing careless mistakes often
  • Often say the wrong thing at the wrong place or situation
  • Old bad incidences often crowding memory to hinder your performance while lowering self esteem
  • Sometimes focus too much on a thing to forget all other tasks, and lose track of time

If you are facing one or more of the problems, then you are most probably having adult ADHD, which is completely treatable though not fully curable. You will have to stay under medications for the rest of your life if you have ADHD, whether you are a child or an adult. Children yet have the advantage of outgrowing the problem through their adolescence period if they are lucky. Sometimes early treatments help quite a bit, and thus it’s very essential that you get yourself educated about the diseases and its symptoms on time. Timely awareness is one of the best ways to combat ADHD.

I Have Seen Pills Similar To Adderall OTC – Should I Buy Them?

If you do a comprehensive market research you will find pills similar to Adderall, which are as good as the drug Adderall. You may need for one or more purposes. You may be a patient of ADHD, or may have a patient at your house- may be an adult or child etc. In all of these cases, you will need ADHD medication. There are other reasons too, when you will need the alternative OTC pills. The reason may be the application of the other beneficial factors which are in Adderall, and similar OTC supplements.

Why the high demand of alternative to Adderall OTC

Medicines like Adderall are famous not just for treating ADHD and related disorders but also are great as weight loss supplements and work excellent in giving jolts of energy, increasing focus, and sharpening the thinking process while increasing processing and activity of brain. Altogether the products that are similar to Adderall OTC in composition, and are also available OTC are quite good and highly in demand because of these reasons. Hence you may always avail them.

If you are new to the studies of energy supplements then a few questions may bother you much. One is about the similarity of the OTC pills with Adderall, which looks really promising, and have put you in the thought and confusion, that whether they are okay to use, safe or not etc.

Herbal formulations

Well the first thing to know is that, these pills that are similar to Adderall are made of totally natural ingredients. Their ingredients are extracted from naturally occurring products and are hence totally herbal in formulation. A herbal formulation, and the absence of harmful and strong chemicals is a good thing in itself, and hence diminishes possibilities of any negative side effects.

OTC permission

A drug or supplement is licensed and given permission to be sold as an over the counter medicine, only when it is safe and totally secure to use, and has quite less chances of being harmful or fatal if one overdoses it. When the government see that the drug can not harm a person normally, if taken within suggested limits and do not carry things which may be fatal for the users, they give the permission to the medicine to be sold OTC.

Why OTC alternatives to Adderall are safe

When a formula gets quite hit in the mass for its special benefits and strong and fast effects for the positive, then people try to avail it fast and use it too. But if the drug is a prescription drug, then people will try this and that, make chaos on that, and thus this will affect many by compelling them to choose a drug which is somewhat similar and yet contains things and has effects which may not be good for the user. If on the other hand, there are drugs made available in the market, for the use of the people who were seeking for a similar formula without the need of prescription, and are responsible enough to buy the drug on purpose, then one can obviously go for the Adderall OTC alternatives.

How Much Good Do Natural Energy Boosters Do?

You may be in your office and feeling sluggish and lethargic in the afternoon but the work pressure demands the best from you and gorge on some natural energy boosting foods and drink. But have you ever wondered how beneficial are these energy boosters for your body? These energy boosting foods amplifies your energy levels almost instantly but have you analyzed the pros and cons of it? Although natural, certain energy boosting foods and drinks can have adverse effect on your body in the long run.

How natural energy boosting foods and drinks release instant energy?


Energy boosting foods and drinks provide instant energy by stimulating the central nervous system, making you more alert, reducing drowsiness and releases endorphins to provide you with instant energy. These boosters increase the heart rate and pumps more blood into the vessels making your body function more actively. These foods and drinks improve the metabolism of the brain and muscle cells although for a short period of time.

Pros and cons of natural energy boosters

You should assess the pros as well as the cons of the natural energy boosting foods and drinks. Next time when you gorge on these boosters, keep in mind the health hazards you may have to face over the time.

  • Coffee

Pros: Caffeine beats drowsiness and gives you instant energy. Nothing is as refreshing and energetic as a cup of coffee. It may help you to meet the deadline of your work by staying awake.

Cons: High dose of caffeine can have many adverse effects on your health. It may drive away sluggishness after a few cups but it increases anxiety and stress level in the body by stimulating adrenal glands. So, you might feel a bit refreshed after having coffee at work but remember that high doses can make you more stressed. Coffee increases the risk of stomach ulcers, osteoporosis, and heart attack and reduces the sperm count levels.

  • Raw cacao nibs

Pros: Thebromine in cacao stimulates the central nervous system and provides instant energy.

Cons: Cacao decreases the normal appetite which can hinder with the body’s daily dose of nutrients. Cacao nibs contain carcinogenic mold Aflatoxin. High amount of cacao will increase the formation of high amount of theobromine which can affect the central nervous system causing insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, severe mood swings, etc.

  • Coconut water

Pros: Coconut water is considered to be the natural isotonic drink that provides refreshment and energy. Rich in natural electrolytes, coconut water is considered to be supplement of sports drink.

Cons: Coconut water temporarily hydrates the body but cannot provide a steady flow of energy. Large consumption of coconut water increases blood sugar level and may increase blood pressure.

  • Spirulina

Pros: These Blue – Green Algae is packed with many nutrients and acts as a natural energy amplifier.

Cons: Spirulina has high affinity to be contaminated with toxins called micocystins which can imbibe heavy metals. It can be hazardous to your health. So, you should purchase it from reliable manufacturers.

To conclude

Nothing can boost up your energy as natural energy amplifying foods and drinks. Natural energy amplifiers are high in nutrition value but can affect your health if consumed in high doses. You should consume moderate amount of energy boosters at the time of your need so that you do not have to suffer from its drawbacks.

Basics Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

A quite common term which is heard nowadays as a growing problem among kids and children of growing years is the ADHD problem. You will find people talking at doctor’s clinic, online medical forums and places about ADHD, and there are many parents of children, who are seriously worried about existing ADHD signs in their kids, or are simply anxious that no such symptoms are found in their kids. But what is this ADHD, and how it’s affecting the lives of so many people needs quite a bit of highlight, so that ignorant couples can become better parents, and may also help themselves lead a better life as adults free from this disorder.

What is ADHD?


The full form of ADHD is Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and the name of the health issue tells all about it. It’s a problem with attention, a problem with over or hyper activity, and is an overall disorder brought with birth or through behavioral problems commencing due to a disturbed growing environment.

Sometimes the traits are confined to the childhood of a person only, and as the person grows, the problems get automatically fixed with a maturing personality, or may need the help of certain drugs and supplements, counseling and natural therapies to tame the problem. In some cases the problem is carried to adulthood too, where the nature of ADHD changes and the attention deficit and restlessness problems intensifies.

The common symptoms of ADHD

In children the most common symptoms of ADHD which can often be confused with general childishness sometimes are:

  • Fidgetiness
  • Inattentive tendency towards anything
  • Not following instructions properly and losing focus from anything quickly
  • Repeating casual mistakes again and again without understanding the warnings etc
  • Speaking too much at times
  • Saying things inappropriately at odd positions and places
  • Moving too much and refusing to stay still

These symptoms should be studied well in a child to report them to the family physician, so that an ADHD gets diagnosed at an early age.

In adults the same symptoms gets intensified, and some of the added symptoms that are noticed are:

  • Forgetting and missing important dates and appointments
  • Getting into relationship problems
  • Inability to express oneself
  • Speaking odd things at wrong places
  • Continuous restlessness
  • Doing mistakes and missing deadlines in most work and projects

In both cases of children and adults, the symptoms can show up well the ADHD problem, and then relevant drugs and counseling can help a person lead a better and sorted life with the support of constant medication.

How ADHD Affects People

In children Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects badly while interrupting with their studies, friends making skill, interactive skills, memory etc. But if guided well these children can turn out to be great personalities.

In adults it affects job, career, relationships and everything, and often such people fail to get through any relationship permanently in life.

However ADHD can be managed well with suitable drugs and supplements like Adderall and others where the drugs help patients in getting a boost in focus, memory, brain processing and energy levels.